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Shepherd's House

Date: 2022


T-shirt Design for Charity Event

The Shepherd’s House homeless shelter and Helping Hands Foundation of Surry County, NC are dedicated to ending family homelessness by providing caring support, education, and innovative programs designed to empower families to achieve self-sufficiency. 


I was asked to design a t-shirt for a fundraising run/walk event by Shepherd's House. The event was set to happen along walking trails in the dark, with glow sticks provided. The client wanted the design to include the text "Volunteer. Donate. Educate"  and possibly have glow sticks. The t-shirt also aimed to promote the organization and encourage participants to wear it beyond the event.

Target Audience:

The target audience includes local corporations, small businesses, and charity groups within the community. The demographic spans from mid-twenties to fifties, with a predominant middle to upper-class profile.


Drawing inspiration from the theme "Light the way," I brainstormed design concepts centered around the simplicity  of nighttime. The designs features glow sticks and stars to symbolize light, with a focus on conveying the idea of illumination and a guided path. The symbolism of light and the metaphorical representation of a path added depth and meaning to the design concept.

Concept sketches for t-shirt design
First Drafts:

I shared my two most compelling concepts with the organization's committee to gather feedback. As part of my suggestion, I recommended incorporating the colors from their website into the design to maintain consistency with the brand.

Concept 1 for shirt design
Concept 2 for shirt design

Following several discussions with the clients, they settled on Design 2 for the final layout. A few modifications were made to the text for the ultimate version. The overall design was a success and, at my suggestion, made available in four different complementary shirt colors, enhancing the overall appeal and versatility of the product.

Final t-shirt design for charity event
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