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Redwood Home

Project Type: Personal Project

Date: July 2023

Concept for a Realtor company. Design a logo, realtor yard sign design and home advertisement flyer.



Inspired by the company's name, I drew inspiration from redwood trees for the logo branding. Through research, I found that redwood trees conveyed a sense of strength and stability, making them an ideal choice for the design. The colors used in the branding were directly influenced by the natural hues of redwood trees. To complement the concept, I opted for a simple, thin sans-serif font, mirroring the towering height of the trees.

The branding included both a primary and secondary logo for versatility. When designing the yard sign, I employed a layered effect by repeating the tree in the background, enhancing visual depth and impact. This approach ensured a cohesive and impactful representation of the brand across various elements.

Redwood logo
Realtor house flyer
Redwood house flyer
Redwood sign mockup
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