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Aunt Molly's Pet Sit

Project type: Freelance

The Website Design and logo project was created for a small independent pet sitting business in Raleigh, North Carolina. 


The project focused on creating a business logo and website landing page. To ensure easy post-launch management, the site was designed on Wix. Integration with the business's profile was a key requirement. Additionally, the client emphasized incorporating a rust color used in previous documents.

Target Audience:

The business aimed to attract new local clients seeking dog and cat sitting services, particularly targeting young to middle-aged business professionals.

Mood Board:

To guide my project, I crafted a mood board, incorporating images from the client alongside additional texture inspirations. Drawing inspiration from the client's profile image, I sampled the rust color, complementing it with a cooler tone of brown, a contrasting blue, and a neutral beige. The colors extracted from the mood board were seamlessly integrated into both the logo and website design.

Aut Molly Moodboard
First Draft:

I shared my mood board, three logo concepts, and a wireframe outlining my suggested website layout with the client. She showed interest in incorporating recognizable dog objects into the logo design. In response, I provided several options, accompanied by two distinct font styles for her consideration.

Aunt Molly logo concepts
Aunt Molly's Wireframe

The client liked the simple san serif font I picked but wanted paw prints in the logo. I made two new options, and the one with paw prints under "Aunt" was the winner. The website looks just like I planned, using colors from the mood board. All the photos are from the client's collection, especially highlighting her dog, as she wanted. It adds a personal touch to the site.

Aunt Molly's Pet Sit Logo
Aunt molly screen mockup
Computer mockup of website
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